Impervo Interior Exterior Alkyd High Gloss Enamel, Benjamin Moore


A premium quality, alkyd enamel that when used according to label and system directions provides superior rust inhibition and dries to a mirror-like high gloss finish. Impervo Alkyd High Gloss Enamel is suitable for both exterior and interior surfaces. 

Note: All alkyd enamels experience a certain amount of yellowing. This effect is accelerated in dark or poorly ventilated areas.
For use on metal substrates only.

  • For exterior or interior use.
  • Outstanding adhesion.
  • Extremely durable, high gloss finish.
  • Resistant to weather.
  • Excellent color retention.
  • Withstands repeated washings.
  • No unpleasant odor during application.
  • Quick dry.


  • Available Colors: White, Black and a variety of ready mixed colors
  • Sheen (or Gloss): High Gloss
  • Cleanup: Solvent
  • Resin Type: Alkyd
  • Recommended Use: Interior, Exterior


Available in store only.